Dally's Ynot OC'S Keliah

AMHR Foaled: 4/25/96 Height: 34.25
AMHR National Champion, National Champion producer

Color: Black Appaloosa

Sire: Taylor-Made Oceola
Grandsire: Unregistered
Granddam: Unregistered

Dam: Rich's Desert Cinnamon
Grandsire: Lot-A-Dot McGee
Granddam: unregistered
Buckeye WCF Classical Living Doll

AMHR/ASPC Foaled 3/29/03, Bay Pinto
Sire: Graham's Little King Lee
Grandsire: Red Rock Kid Lee

Dam: Michigan's Mother Taylor
Grandsire: H.P. Jerico's New Image
Granddam: Michigan's Mother Theresa

This beautiful mare swept the show ring by storm winning 10 Grand Championships in halter and driving, achieving her HOF in 2006. Her breeding speaks for itself and it is an honor to have this mare in the barn.
Rodeo Romance (and Gretchen)

AMHR Foaled: 5-23-06

Color: Bay Leopard Appaloosa

Sire: Komoko's Sir Arrogance
Grandsire: Komoko's Moon Man
Granddam: Komoko's Frosty Rose

Dam: Philco's Lotta Noise
Grandsire: Reh's Unique Sombrero
Granddam: Golden Perfect Sunny

Thank you Karen Bennett for allowing me to purchase "romance".
Dallys Ynot Keliahs  Butterfly Kisses

AMHR Foaled: 4-9-03

Color: Leopard Appaloosa

Sire: Bar-K-R's Chico II
Grandsire: Little Chief Bustin
Granddam: Bar-K-R's Dinky's Darling

Dam: Dally's Y'not OC's Keliah
Grandsire: Taylor-Made Oceola
Granddam: Rich's Desert Cinnamon

Show Record: Many First Place ribbons, has done well in color. Herd broodmare prospect.
Tiny Trotters Absolute Treasure

Sire: Woodstock North’s Who’s Appy Now,
Dam: Dallys Y’not OC’s Keliah (AMHR National Champion)

Foaled: 5/13/07, she is a Silver Bay Near Leopard Appy.

sold and went to Korea
Tiny Trotters Pocohonest

AMHR Foaled: 5/14/2000 Mare, Height: 36.75"

Color: Grey Overo

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown "Van Lo" Bloodlines

Show Record: Many Blues & Reserve Ribbons.
Dally's Ynot Cowgirl Kisses

Foaled 4/8/05 34"
AMHR 2005 Dun Appaloosa

Sire: Dally's Ynot Sir Lotta Luv
Grandsire: Lottaluv's Prince Charming
Granddam: Dallys YNOT Casanova

Dam: Dally's Ynot OC's Keliah (AMHR National Champion)
Grandsire: Taylor-Made Oceola
Granddam: Rich's Desert Cinnamon
Tiny Trotters "Misty Morning"

foaled 4/28/09.

Sire: "Solid Gold Impressive Asset","Love Me Tender" bred stallion.
Grandsire: Vikings Impressive Too
Granddam: Solid Gold Tender Miss

Dam: "Philco's Rodeo Romance"
Grandsire: Komoko's Sir Arrogance
Granddam: Philco's Lotta Noise

Bay Roan varnish Appaloosa. This little filly is refined, elegant, and may appy out later!
Tiny Trotters Cut The Cuteness

Sire: Hillside Farms Awsom Imagination
Grandsire: Bronco Billys Simply Awsom (AMHR World Champion)
Great-grandsire: Bronco Billy (AMHR Champion)
Granddam: Woodland Creeks Apache Princess

Dam: Tiny Trotters Cowgirl Kisses
Grandsire: Dally's Ynot Sir Lotta Luv
Granddam: Dally's Ynot OC's Keliah (AMHR National Champion
Establo Azalia

Full sister to Uno
Tiny Trotters Oh So Fabulous

Sire: Establo Uno De Mayo
Grandsire: Bronco Bristol Juan Rojo

Dam: Dallys Ynot Keliahs Butterfly Kisses
Sire: Bar-K-R's Chico II
Grandsire: Little Chief Bustin
Granddam: Bar-K-R's Dinky's Darling
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